World domination is nigh........


It's working, I'm finally becoming at one with the powers of the int13h side. It is official that as per our plan of world domination of owing j00 all that I finally have warped the fragile little mind of my first minion. Although I may sacrifice her to the demigod "Ozzy" in the long run I will be abusing my new toy until I'm bored.

But wait, I hear doubt from my adoring fans..... proof you ask?? but as I own you all I should not need to answer such insolent questions, wait I shall make an exception for you this once.

her :-)
her a night of beer :-)
her and getting sodded!!!!!
me ;o) - your getting very int13h!!
me I'll have to declare my ownership of you soon!!
her want a piccy ?? ;-)
me it's our plan of world domination you see......... excuse me a piccy!! HELL YEAH!!
her hahaha
me lol
me maybe a little post is in order once you have admitted your ownership. It would be like a trophy of my first conquest!
her Your wish is my command oh great one

So there you have it. It's true, the force of the int13h side is growing stronger every day. Watch your back as we'll be owning j00 very soon.

Even though we already do............


What the Hell are you going on about? Seems you have lost your sanity in the time we have been away!!!

By Armageddon |

I find your lack of faith disturbing, young int13h warrior......!?!?!?

By Silkie |

Thats the spirit Silkie! if people cant understand WTF you are saying then you are on the right track =P

By Nightmare |

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