A Black day indeed

Not a lot of posting tooking place today. Understandably we all a bit shocked by todays turn of events. If for some reason you are unaware of the situation or wish more details then please visit CNN.

Normally we'd take a look at world affairs in a somewhat humorous light. Today however there can be little reason for jovility. I'm sure I speak for everybody in int13h when I say that this was a truely evil and senseless attack on the American people and that everybody who this has affected have our deepest sympathies. There can be no justification for these series of attacks and I hope that the perpetrators are punished to the maximum extent.


Words cannot really justify what these monsters have done. I stand by Spooky and the rest of int13h in sending my deepest sympathies to those effected by this horrible and disgusing act of terrorism. I hope they are found and punished accourdingly.

By Nightmare |

I would like to add my sympathies to all who have been affected by this great tragedy. My thoughts are with you all.

By Armageddon |

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