Random Top Five #3


5. Stool (comfort rating 4 out of 10 )
They are useful in times when there is not enough room for a full on chair situation But the wooden surface can be uncomfortable.. Unless its got a cushion.

4. Sofa-Bed (comfort rating 6 out of 10 for the sofa and 7 1/2 out of ten for the bed)
Two things in one.. This ranks very high with me but although the is a bed aswell, they are normally not as comfortable.

3. Office chair (comfort rating 8 out of 10)
Amazing ideas put into these chairs.. They swivel, they go up and down and they even recline (well most try to). They can be almost too comfortable

2. Bog seat (comfort rating 3 -> 8 out of 10 )
At first you don't care.. then after you may think "I wish it was more comfortable" Either way you could sit on one for ages :)

1. Full on Leather Cushioned reclining chair (comfort rating *10* out of 10)
This is the chair to end all chairs. There is NO competition this is the definitive chair. Its so comfortable and soft that you could live in this chair forever. The only downside is the Cost.

This weeks charts are by Nightmare.


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