Scum, Scum oh and... SCUM!

I have written an editorial about the annoying goings ons of lame online gamers that have to resort to cheating to win. Its a low down disgusing tactic thats becoming all to common for my liking.. Leaves sick taste in your mouth..


Unless it's alcohol fueled Rogue Spear I am absolutely useless at games. But I also have something called honour. I'd much rather die at the hands of a better player than resort to using underhanded tactics. Death before dishonour!

Now, hand me the blavod and that desert eagle.

By Spooky |

I am in total agreement here too. Cheating at online games su><0rs to the max (TM). so nightmare how come your so good with the rail *cough* *cough* aimbot *cough*

By Armageddon |

It's simple Armageddon, your an easy target =P

By Nightmare |

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