That shouldnt do that!

Things on the site are evolving a little bit again and as they evolve the bugs come in. Some of the new bits include the big smelly Recent updates list on the right which offers a quick link to the latest articals and documents on the site incase you cant be arsed to read through our random nonsense or you think you have missed something.

Next up is the spanking new version of the comments section that now supports low resolution desktops. Also new is the little link at the bottom of the news page that allows you, yes YOU! the reader, to send us some news to post and credit you by. As always some other little bits that you all won't notice have been cleaned up, sites always say this but dont you just wonder what they are?

If you spot any ugly bugs on the site drop us an email Voodoo loves a big bug list, it keeps him awake. More new stuff on its way. =)


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