WWW Round 4

Round #4



Realname : Gohan
Age : 6 yrs
Height : 3'2"
Weight : 60 lbs.
Weapons : Fire balls / Spirit bomb / General Destruction


Realname : Alex Murphy
Age : 36 yrs
Height : 6'1"
Weight : 320 lbs.
Weapons : Gun / spike / corny dialect

Pre match comments

Nightmare : Wow, after a long break from the tourney we are back and this time around we have a real contrast of combatants, from the world of Dragon Ball Z comes the often underestimated Gohan and his opponent is that classic '2 movies were enough, should not have done a third' half human half robotic police enforcement killing machine - Robocop. Its not even going to be close but for traditions sake, who do you think will win PmI?

PmI : Tough call.. charged with more firepower than a small battlecruiser, Robocop certainly has a fair chance to turn Gohan into the proverbial mince, but if memory serves correct, you gotta see what you mince first, and Gohan has a definite edge in the speed department. Much as it pains me, I say this match has already been won...

Nightmare : So we are agreed... Well it?s going to go off big style any moment now so lets join the action.


On a roof garden of a cheap and cheerful film studio we find our two contestants, the battle grounds have little in the way of obstructions but a long drop could provide a slight irritation if you land badly.

PMI : On the subject of landing, it seems Gohan is making a grand entrance with a classic dbz style 'confused fly-in'.. He doesn't seem to realise he's about to go up against several metric ton of enhanced cyborg...

Nightmare : Robo has a blank look on the lower half of his face and does not seem at all phased by the swift entrance of his opponent. Gohan looks like he is about to make a move..

PmI : Well, I guess you were right, Gohan's off on a rushing start, lining up a crushing punch that would leave no man standing... oooh.. and it seems gohan's fist just realised that the breast-plating on Robo's chest is not actually part of your regular human body. Gohan's hopping up and down rubbing his fist. Robo doesn't seem fazed much though?

Nightmare : Robo turns to his side and looks the other way from Gohan, what?s this... out comes his gun and he fires without even looking and scores a major hit to our wounded Saiyan hero. It looks like Robo is pleased and he is now probably searching his massive database of cheesy lines to find something to finish him off!

PmI : Sneaky but effective, I like it. It seems Gohan has underestimated his opponent and yes, he's charging up one of his trademark 'Masenka' energy balls.... and Robo's a'flyin! Bet he wasn't expecting a mouthful of electricity, he seems to have gone in some sort of synthetic shock.. Can he recover in time?

Nightmare : At this stage I would say no.. He's shaking more then a drug addict 3 days into rehab, wait a second he?s stopped.. but his head has started twitching. Gohan is in fits of laughter, this is not the right attitude for a super warrior.

PmI : Not the smartest thing to do, I must admit. while Gohan is rolling on the floor trying to stop his laughter from making him explode, Robo seems to have plotted a trajectory for a riquochette bullet.. and it's off.. and it's IN! oh, that has to hurt, Gohan's left foot seems a bit of a mess.. on the plus side, the laughter seems to have stopped.

Nightmare : Yeah there is nothing funny about losing 90% of your foot but has aidded to Gohan's concentration and altough quite pissed off about his foot he seems more pissed about the thing that did this to his foot. With Tears streaming down his face he stares at Robocop and lets out a ear piercing scream.

PmI : Well that seemed to blow out the audio receptor enhancers.. it seems Robo's down for a moment, just enough time for Gohan to power up and get this thing off the ground. literally.. Gohan's off like a spear, carrying Robo up with him.. and is he.. he.. yes he is! The body slam reinvented! I think that once the flying pieces of grass and dirt clear we'll see a classic Robocop shaped dent on that roof.

Nightmare : Gohan's smile has quickly turned to frown, it looks like in desperation Robo has stuck his hand spike right into Gohan's stomach, he looks kinda upset.... ***IIIIAAAYYYAAHHH***.... Oh dear... Gohan's shriek co-insides with his new shade of yellow coloured hair.. I believe the term is "Oh shit, your going to die"....

PmI : Yeah this can't last very much longer... OOOh... you know it hurts when the head turns more than 90 degrees.. and Robo is staggering around, trying to find some way to stabilise himself... I don't think Gohan is going to give him a chance though.. he's all powered up and ready to finish this one.

Nightmare : What?s this? Robo has stopped and offered Gohan a flower he found lying on the floor.. could Robo's core directives have been messed up again? Where is he going? ***CLUNK*** he's walked into a wall... ***CLUNK***.. and again.. Oh well I think its safe to say this fight has run its course... But wait.. Gohan is still charging up..

PmI : Man oh man, Gohan's really going all out on this one.. He must have really treasured that left foot.. a bright flash of light and Robo fading out of view, I think it's safe to assume that he'll be having a hard time getting out of 'the other dimension' as they so nicely put it...

Nightmare : Well the ref has awarded the match to Gohan so I think we should get out of here as those security guards don?t look too pleased with the mess we made of the studio.. any last thoughts before we leg it?

PmI : yeah..
1) It's too bad the kid won.. I had really hoped he'd get shot to pieces.. then again, he did win, and it was a nice display of violence, so I'm content overall..
2) Is that an SGI Visualization studio, and are my pants big enough to stuff it in before we run like hell?

Nightmare : Yes, yes and we will give it a damn good try..


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