ECTS 2001

It's been a long time coming, months of preparation, excessive expenditure and agony. Many members of the int13h crew have gone out of their way to make the annual ECTS journey the great event that we all knew it could be but none of us had seen this coming... What follows is a graphic tale of a computer trade show gone bad, ECTS 2001 through the eyes of int13h member Nightmare.

The journey started out cramped but well, we all bundled into Sherman, the Spooky owned int13h Land Rover of doom. The path was long and slow, as you can imagine 1 ton of Land Rover with 9 people in stuffed inside and a top speed of 63.2mph on a 110 mile drive to London can take a bit longer then the average day trip. The breeze from the traffic whizzing past was nice but being overtaken by everything on the road did not do anything for our credibility but the disappointment of being over taken by a scooter yet again soon changed into a drunken football crowd cheer as we found our first victim, the 'overloaded white transit van' was powerless to our mad 63.2mph Sherman skills, as we powered pass him eclipsing his 60mph top speed we could not do anything other then scream abuse, point the finger in a highly degrading manor and hold our heads high. The usual half way service station approached to con every last penny we had for a sandwich and a bottle of Coke, at which point the white transit van stormed by (I swear he was chuckling to himself as he flew by). The rest of the journey was quite dull and the getting lost trying to find the new show location was nothing to write home about... We had arrived.

^The adversary - Transit van o'doom. | ^ Half way snack, good bye savings.

^ECTS - Outside the Event. | ^ECTS - Inside the Event.

As we entered into the show the first thing to hit us was the size of the show, it was so small compared to the previous shows, the floor space was small and consisted of one 'arena' and no second floor. The stands of the companies attending the show were small and unimaginative, Intel's normally un-missable stand was a puny 1 table/1 chair/1 PC/1 rep stand and NO freebies, 0 marks for Intel this year which is kind of hard to believe as previous years I have ranked them top dogs of ECTS with their great freebies and large stand, this year it was hard enough trying to find them. As far as we can tell Microsoft were only there behind closed doors and you could only get in if you had government or military clearance. So no go on the XBOX for us, although we found a big crowd around a small software stand that had a big XBOX logo above a screen, as we pushed our way to the front of the crowd we were totally let down by the footage being played from a video player..

After much cursing and walking about for nothing we came to the Elsa booth and were we ever glad they turned up! Cool nVidia Cards, 3D Studio Max and Max Payne running on them soon caught our attention, we were in there like hawks. Then it was on to the nVidia stand which had a few nice sweets and stuff it did not hold our attention for long although the big plasma screens showing some rather spanking looking Geforce 3 tech demos managed to keep us at the stand for a while. In the mood for graphics we headed for the one and only Descreet stand, stacked full of render farms and high-powered SGI workstations this was the place to be, showing off their latest piece of CGI loving - Combustion, a cool piece of software that lets you put 3D effects over the top of video footage and stuff.

^ELSE Gloria DCC - YUMMY!. | ^ ELSA Gladiac 920 - GIMME!.

^nVidia Stand - Geforce 3 Loving.

^Max Payne in 3DSMax at the Elsa Stand | ^ Combustion at the Descreet stand

Other bits we had seen on the way round included a PC in an old sit-down space invaders cab and the bloke at the Elsa Stand reinstalling Windows 2000, he was not too pleased about the pictures.. =)

^Cool PC built into a Space Invaders cab | ^ Elsa Bloke reinstalling Windows 2000

--------------------- ALL CRAP ASIDE HERE COMES THE LADIES! ---------------------

We all know the reason people flock to the computer shows across the world, its not the games nor the new technology on display, it's not even the freebies even though at times it does feel like it. The fact is that their is something inside us all the clicks and says.. "Go to the show and take pictures of women that you would get put away for if you did on the streets", with this thought in mind we went on the eternal search for booth babe after booth babe.. here is the goods.. Sorry about the blurry images but some of these were taken in high action as not to miss anything.

^ What can I say?

^We are deprived..

^Just cant get enough of that booth babe action!

The holy grail of Booth Babe-dom.. The famous Erotica Island stand!
"Do you do groups?" - Silkie|int13h 2nd September 2001 ECTS.


^Nuff' said.

Well that pretty much was ECTS 2001, the major disappointment it was got saved only by the Erotica Island stand and its top notch squad of booth babes, I don't even know if they have a new game out or they are still pimping the one from last year, either way I hope they are back next year. I am sure Spooky and his rolling perv-cam will make an appearance on the int13h site soon with some live action footage and I think once PMI has his film developed we will see some high quality booth babe scans. All good things.


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