Homo or Hetro.... howdya know?

Its a question that puzzles us all at some point (allegedly). Just what is your sexual persuasion? Well thanks to TheSpark.com all your worries are over. The Gay Test will give you the answers you're looking for regardless of sex and currently accepted persuasion.

A big shout of thanks to my favorite gay guy Jon at 1emotion. Sure he's got a girlfriend... but we all know she's a beard!

Now just have to make sure that I don't mention the fact that I once slept in the same bed as him. I hope I just didn't say that out loud. DOH!


Oh, and I'm only 20% Gay!

By Spooky |

18% baby!! =-)

By Nightmare |

11% and I still drink Tea!

By Voodoo |

I am so un-gay that the sites band from my eyes!!! Damn work firewall.

By Armageddon |

Cough.... What guy test??????

By Silkie |


By Silkie |

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