Working 9 to 5........ la la la ...... to make a livin'!!!!!!!

Right you lot, it's been a while!!! a long long time some might say..... Still the point that I'm here now cancels all that crap out. It's been a long long week my friends. My new job has stitched me well and truly up with seven "days" of night shifts.

Oh the aggro, but hey I'm thinking of the money.

I've managed to get through this tough time with a rather zombiefying mixture of Rocket Fuel Coffee and Nytol. (Guide to working nights is coming up with guest appearances from Henry Wrinkler and that dude that played Beetlejuice)

Other things that have happened? Oh I got myself an iPAQ, think I'll lob together review of that. It's HARDCORE let me tell ya! Just saving for my IBM Microdrive now - HEHEHEHE Come to PAPA!!

I'm off - enjoy the randomness of my links and empty promises of content



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