Drool factor 3!

If you have not been to any internet sites in the last 24 hours you may not have noticed the brand new Geforce 3 line of graphics cards from nVidia. Yeah we all know Geforce 3's have been out for months but these ones are 'new'. The Titanium range of Geforce Cards are f00king quick and worth you spending all your savings on one. Due to the fact that nVidia did not send us any test boards (can't think why), we have not been able to do our own benchmarks so here is a list of everybody else's..



Hot Hardware.com

Tom's Hardware.com

Enjoy... OR ELSE! (Note: Empty threat)


are the titanium. Nvidia must have got board of overclocking their cards and calling them an ultra. Great marketing guys. "hey lets do exactly the same and call it a titanium"

By Armageddon |

But your still gonna get one arn't you??

By Silkie |

Heavy Engine Console
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