The force is strong in this one.

Well it's been a long time since I posted anything (Noted by nightmare and spooky), so I just had to put this little gem on the site. Thanks to a random e-mail from a cheeky monkey at work. (You know who you are).

With all the recent personality tests flying around I was alerted to this one. Which Star Wars character are you

Just for the record I am apparently more like Han Solo.



Apparently I am LANDO CALRISSIAN. =S

By Nightmare |

Erm.. apparently I am the Emporer. I thought I would have come out as Chewy.

By Spooky |

You couldnt possibly come out as Chewy, he wasnt a ginge. Anyway I expect everyone else would have thought you would come out as the emporer, me included.

By Armageddon |

I turned out to be Darth Vader, watch it lads

By Magic |

Hmmmmmm it seemms im Chewy. hmmmmmwarrrrr

By Voodoo |

LUKE SKYWALKER! :-)) err, does that mean that Magic's my father?

By Kamakazi |

Freaking hell the whole cast is here!..

... we should make a movie =P

By Nightmare |

Han Solo. I ain't no scruffy looking nerf herder am I?

By Wizzard |

I dunno? but I've heard your car can do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs =0)

By Spooky |

Heavy Engine Console
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