Finally, somebody gets it.

Shock horror, I recieved a mail this morning that not only shows that people really are reading this tripe but some of you even actually understand what it is I'm yammerin' on about. I thought I'd share it with you, our ever-loving readers.

Just thought I would write to say I like the line on int13h

Angst. I hate angst.. it's so conformist.

Very good, I have been thinking the same thing recently, just not so eloquently. How else can you explain 12 year olds walking around in nirvana T-shirts....
"yeah I used to listen to them as a foetus"
Do we really believe it ...erm nope, its just conformity gone mad, I mean the guy blew his own head off... Maybe that should tell them something. You have ex-boyband screamers now saying that the only decent music comes from a bunch of losers trying to look cool in bondage gear, I mean

1) that only looks good on women ...why do they think the men are called gimps?

2) dressing up like a weirdo doesn't make you one, it just makes you a sad loser who is desperately trying to rebel against an ever more tolerant society.

Before long the whole thing is going to go back on its self and the people wearing suits and singing love songs are going to be the edgy ones. And yes you may have noticed I do like to rant about things being cyclic, remind me to tell you about the washing powder/liquid cycle sometime.... As you can guess its very exciting.

But enough of this rant I'm off to play some Marilyn Manson and then worship the devil.


Cheers md-j, you get a gold star. I get a coffee and annoying 14 year old Slipknot fans get a swift boot in the side of the head ...and the world is a better place.


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