"Even comes with its own power supply"

The Voodoo 5 - 6000, what a great idea that was */sarcasm*. 4 VSA-processors, 128meg of ram and an external power supply unit gave this monster of a card the 'gimmie gimmie gimme' factor and if that geforce 2 had not come out then it might have been worth the the cardboard box it came in. Still now is your chance to own one, its currently at $1,500 at the time of writing. Click here and then start looking for a nuclear reactor to power it =)


AMD and Voodoo card!! I have to own it!!

By Silkie |

final bidding price of $2,150.00, and all I can say to the winner is.............

whats wrong with you???

By Voodoo |

Heavy Engine Console
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