Mind puzzler..

Got this through the old email system today.. (Slightly reworded so it makes sense)

"There are three words in the English language that end with "gry." One is hungry and the other is angry. What is the third word? Everyone uses this word every day, everyone knows what it means, and knows what it stands for. If you have listened very closely I have already told you the third word."

Can you work it out? We can =P


Shall I fall into this devious hole your trying to trap me into day of despair! I refuse to spend many more frantic minutes searching my mind for the answer to this diabolical question. After a little research I've found that in fact using even older dictionaries that there are around 100+ words ending 'gry' i.e. aggry, chockpugry, croftangry, gagry, pelegry, hogrgy mogry and hungry bungry to name but a few........

......but we all know the answer is "language"

By Silkie |

Git, thats where we got the answer from too =-)

By Nightmare |

You all love me really!!

By Silkie |

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