Random Top Five #9

Top Five Ways That I'm Going To Hurt Nightmare

5. Treat him to the supreme pleasure of gravity enduced impact... now wheres that open window.

4. Enlighten him in the ways of Newtons 3rd law, as I shoulder barge him into that wall.

3. Show him exactly how limbs should not be bent. Nightmare the human pretzel.

2. Turn him into a human flip top bin. Rip his throat out, step on his foot, and throw shit down his neck.

1. Enjoy the wonderful world of skull bowling. Tear his head off, gouge out his eyeballs and throw his cranium at the nearest lamppost... although a strike is unlikely it will be highly entertaining.

By the time you read this Nightmare will be unavailable for comment.

This weeks charts are by Angry Spooky.


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