Random Top Five #10

Top 5 things that I love about my Nikon F70 Camera

5 - 28-300 mm zoom lens

Technically, I can point it at any window and lipread the conversations... I can also watch other stuff.

4 - SB-28 flash

IT'S GOT A BACKLIT DISPLAY! let's just agree here that everything with a backlit display is cool per definition.

3 - Fastlock for tripod

less than 10 seconds to put it up, and shoot something. Try doing that with a Houwitzer. The difference in time are striking.

2 - Tripod

It weighs less than 2 pounds, can extend to a good 5 feet, and it can be wielded nicely like anything resembling a Rokuchaku-Bo (large stick), but with the added advantage of a handgrip. It also has one of those

funky water-bubble level readings on it. where can you go wrong!?

1 - 3.8 FPS combined with fast-motion tracking.

THIS CAMERA CAN SHOOT INDYCARS IN MOTION WITH PERFECT FOCUS!! It can also shoot other moving stuff, like rhino's charging head on, or shooting the entire event of tossing someone's kid in the polar bear pit and watch the action in stills. It has a better framerate than most webcams at this resolution ;)

I love this thing - Does it show?

This weeks charts are by PMI.


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