non-l33+ hackerz need not apply

If I said to you "?&8u??}?>???!A???F?:F?F?G?", what would you say? Dont know? then you are not l33+ enough. If you want to become l33+ try hacking 'Try2Hack' and see how far your skillz will go.


Level 5....
we thought we were getting somewhere until....

"Nice of you to remove that NeoLite compression ! Although that won't help you much further (or do you have a VB5/6 decompiler ????)"


By Nightmare |

By 5:30 yesterday we had reached level 7. We are still on level 7. As a group we have spent a grand total of 0 minutes and 0 seconds on this today. This allows us to draw one conclusion. We're lazy. But you knew that anyway.

I was going to write some other stuff, but surprisingly enough I can't be arsed.

By Spooky |

Heavy Engine Console
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