Random Top Five #12

Top 5 mystic technology (probably) made by aliens.

#5 : New jaguar single drive belt transmission.... DAF reinvented...

alien probability : 6.4

#4 : Retina scanners. -

Only aliens could devise a system that would require exessive anatomical dislocation to bypass.

alien probability : 7.8

#3 : Quake 3 -

we can never be sure it was coded at all. maybe it's a pre-lim sim to the death mazes they have on their homeworld!!

alien probability : 8.2

#2 :faulty espresso machines. -

We love quad espressos, but instead it steals your money and gives you hot water... why? only the aliens will know... =S

alien probability : 9.1

#1 : VCR timer clocks... ARGH!!!!!

alien probability : 10

This weeks charts are by PMI.


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