Where the hell am I. Who the hell am I? Why the fuck don’t I know this? I seem to have language processing functions and am self aware. Curious, I seem to know a lot for someone who doesn’t know much. This room is light. Who else is here? I suppose I should try to figure out a way to find some answers to the questions that just flooded into my mind. No wait, I’d better find a safe place to do that at first. Where the hell is this? bright room, artificial lighting. 52.4 Hz frequency TL lighting. Funny. I know how to move around without even knowing what I look like. Maybe I should find a mirror. These would be my hands then. I sound like some kind of robot just turned on... I sure hope I’m not a robot. If I were a robot, why would I know this? There has to be something wrong here. Did I loose my memory somehow? Where is this? How conveninient. A door. Hallway.. darker than the room. more confined, ending in what seems like another hallway. I can either stay here and wait for things to catch up with me or I can try to see how far I get. without getting killed. Killed? Why will anyone kill me? What do I know that I’m not telling me? That was a particularly strange thought... why would anyone... why am I carrying weapons? HTN fiberknife, sluground nutrinic PS12, nutrinic lowcaliber dual semiautomatics, 4Mx hunterspecs with targeter. what the hell is this? Why do I know what these are...why do I know how to use these? 400-1200nm spectral cloaking, hardshielded vest, gloves, boots. I’m carrying SP grenades. What the fuck am I?


Someone’s behind me. S400-class5 optical pattern match, F3h-778-MH2-2 elimination assumed. P12, unlocked, chamber already loaded, turn, squeeze, lock. Ugh what a mess. I just killed someone. Why did I just kill someone? What the hell is an F3h-778-MH2-2? Why did I just remember that entire sequence? This isnot really making much sense... I need to get out of here. I can take this hall to the left, second door on the right, then out the window, there’s a dump collection point, it exits to to the main loading areas. I can do that. Then use one of the cars to get out. I know that works... no point in argueing with myself. Where’s Raymond. Who’s Raymond and what do I know him of... light failure. Alarms must have gone off. Adjusting... Interesting, I can see in the dark. Time to move.


Second hallway. Run to the left


No P12 this time. Semiautomatic. Unlock. Point backwards. Duck, roll, squeeze. Shit. Set to single shot. Should have checked before I fired. Confirm death. He’s missing his temporal lobe. He’s dead. Run down hall. Second door. Wait. There are people in the room. Can I hear what they’re saying...? Time to start overestimating myself. Four people, two at the end of the room, one in a chair tot he right of the door, one in front. open door, crouch, break first person's knees. Slide, snap neck, use as shield.


Semiautomatic, shoot to the right. Throw shield at leftmost person. Take out right. Confirm kill. Central headshot. Confirmed. Time to save up bullets. He seems to have dodged the shield. Circlestrafe him. What can I use aside from my body. There’s a document file on the floor. That will do just fine. Get file, throw out documents towards taget as diversion. Fold back. Circleroll to target. Increase fold strength by pressing nails over edge and striking backwards. Cutting edge is sufficiently sharp. Slash neck.


Shit.. I got blood on me. I hope I won’t have to pass through any populated areas. Jump out the window. Run over to cars. Sayem S09H2. Ideal. It will run subsonic just below critical. Open compartiment... crawl in.. identify. Shit, I don’t have an identification..

Layla Sho – CD-072893-dp7-omega

Guess I do have one. What the.. where is this thing taking me? I haven’t started anything. The route looks like it’s heading back to the Conflict Detachments. That’s good then. That’s where I work. Why do I work there? What do they do? This is my Sayem, I planned this route before I went in, in case of trouble. What the fuck happened in there, where is my memory. This thing is fast. Exit compartiment, enter building. Take elevator to 7th floor. Walk past reception. 8... 9.. 10th door. Another room. 52.4 Hz TL lighting. Someone is here. Raymond Long. I love him. ... who are you? I seem to love you. P12 unlock, aim. Answer time.


“Who the hell are you, and who the hell am I”