So who is this. He seems to know I’ve lost my memories. How the hell does he know that? Who is he? Maybe I should ask him instead of me. He has a name but I don’t really care for it. He claims it’s a fake name anyway. Fair enough. What’s with the coffee. Right. Apparently that was a password system of some sort. Have I been here before? Memories. Of course, I wouldn’t remember if I had. So why are you here. I’m still armed. This is good. So we had a deal. Yes I remember the mission, what parts of it I experienced consciously anyway. Before? Who IS this guy? No I don’t know a thing about before that why do you ... What?


Yes I have the storage, do you have the lab to access it? This guy knows his stuff. Okay, well how do I know you can pull this off? He’d better not be lying, my last thought is going to be ‘shoot’ if he fails. No, like I said I don’t remember shit. Okay, I’ll take out my P12.. I wonder if he has a deathwish. What’s he up to. The loading mechanism.. behind the internal hammer? Fine, I’ll take off the toploader. A tiny indentation? Sorry kid I don’t see anything. You loose. I knew it. Enhance my vision? Look I don’t think who I.. hmm. You’re right, I can increase scope. Okay, fine, I’ll look again. Yes, now there IS a tiny cross mark on the hammer’s inside. Even closer? I don’t know if I can, but why not. Five small dents on the crossmark. What is this for? Distributed discharger? And you modified my P12 to handle that... P12s don’t come with this feature. I suppose he wanted to prove something or other. Either way I’m handing my head to a techfreak. I wonder if my comlinks will send this info back. Maybe I should turn it off. Oh this is just marvelous. I can turn it off? How do I do that. It’s off. That went relatively smooth. So what are you going to be doing.

How much of it

All my memories!? How the fuck did he get his hands on that? I recorded them? Yeah so? I have read my record, I tend to do that without much choice. Ah.. I made him record them for me on a separate cubeset. Well that does make more sense. Why did we do this? In case I’d be wiped.. AGAIN? What does he mean ‘again’. This happened before? How often. Only once. Except since then I saved my states before each mission. I must be one careful OP. So how does the reimplanting work? Oh shit. So I’d loose these current mems? No I have a better idea. We write these to cube, splice it, then writeback the whole shebang in my head. You just point me the terminal and I’ll code that algorithm for you. There. Don’t even bother working it out, I don’t even know what I just typed. Sure, if you can, go on and copyright it. Sell it and I’ll find you and use this P12-DShammer on your head. A couple of times. He seems to understand I mean business. At least he can still laugh. I’m always like this? At least I’m consistent. Let’s get data-trafficking.

Dark.. less dark.. Light.. grey.. different greys.. Dark

I think I nearly enjoyed it that time. He knows his business. Of course he knows his business. We’ve been hacking up quite some stuff for three years now. August Erwing. I know his real name. He seems happy. I can still kill him. Laughter. Nice to hear I sound more like me than I did an hour ago. It does feel good to be myself again. Analyse? Analyse what? There were false memories in that new set? This is rather annoying. Where did those come from? More? What does he mean ‘more’... dammit August don’t hold out on me, what the hell aren’t you telling me. if you’re lying I swear I will use your ribcage as a wastebin, after I remove it with this HTN fiberknife. This is very bad news. So if those recents and about half of my olds match in signature.. which are fake and which aren’t. Of course you don’t know. Well thanks a lot... I hope he reminds me to pay him in the usual fashion. I have people to look for, this is important. Of course I’m safe. I have my memories back. I don’t care if I can trust them or not. I used to didn’t I? Wait.


If he’s right.. how do I know I really know him at all? Yes, yes, the P12 thing.. that might be fixed too. He’s right, I have no choice. Well just as long as he knows I’m not liking him more for this. Let me just get those cubes back. No I’m not shocked. Fine, he can keep one of them for more testing, I’m outta here.

That door looks a lot less nice now. I wonder how many of these I’ll meet today