ooooohhh really scary...

Well its time for one of those enjoyable news spasms. In this weeks news is 'Nocturne', the cool Alone in the Dark / Resident Evil style game that came out a while back, thats right its back but not in the way you initially think. "oh no" I hear you moan.. yep its game movie crossover time again. Dimension Films and Collision Entertainment are bringing Nocturne to the big screen.

" 'Nocturne' provides a rich world and interesting characters that has the potential to become the next 'Mummy' franchise," said Faye, who will be a producer on the film. "The film will play like a supernatural 'Untouchables,' retaining the spirit of the game while introducing new characters and a solid, three-act action-adventure story line."

Here is the blurb over at Yahoo! News.


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