And then there were five.

It's a sad day people. Due to other commitments, Silkie (of Cooking For One fame) has resigned himself from the int13h illumni. Citing time and his ultimate plan, the split is more than amicable. Of course we understand that it's you the readers who will be feeling this impact the most. Thats why we're setting up a special helpline number for people affected by this tragedy.

His individual style, and vocabulary will be greatly missed.




I'm not the messiah, now fuck off


March 16th - November 27th 2001


As the recently passed Silkie would say... "Fuck", I think this sums up everything.. ='(

So long and Good Luck.

By Nightmare |

Oh man, I'm fuckin' wellin' up 'er!!

By Silkie |

Oh... grow up you tart.


By Spooky |

while inappropriat, it would be unlike me to just let this pass.

<smacks up silkie>

damn you.. =(

I guess I wish you gooluck to you though.

By PmI |

Barry Bummer Man, all the barry best

By Magic |

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