That’s right, I have a few people I need to see. Stanton, Macey and Riner. And I need to see them fast. Virtual. I’ll have to get to the down districts again. I wonder if they know me there by now. I come there everytimes something screws up. And it always screws up at some point. I should have start counting them. I suppose I should be happy that I got those memories back, but I’m not. They’re not real. Half of them aren’t real. Then what the hell have I been doing, and what half of them? The first time. The first time I lost my memories was a profound accident. I really should have known better. Virtual. They’re good in there. They found out I had access protocols. I remember the sensation while they picked me clean. It’s strange, I was designed for near indestructability and they didn’t foresee that I could be hacked too. Shame I never tried that myself. I really should. They managed to only get a small part of the mission I was on at the time, but then there was that shock. Circuitbreakers. It’s strange that they installed those into my brain. Fucked up the whole set rather well. Is that fake? What if I never lost my memory but only thought I did? I need to hack into myself today, this really can’t wait. I need to go virtual.


My apartment. I like my apartment. It’s got ‘me’ written all over it. I’ll just put these nutrinics with the rest. I’ll need a bigger cabinet soon. I wonder how many more sets I can report as ‘broken’ before they drop by and discover my little collection. Maybe I can show them what I use them for. Where’s my uplink. I always misplace that plug. There we go. Colorful as ever. Login... bypass.. shutting of monitoring systems. Still with the scans on entry. Get the fuck out of my head. Breakers in place. I really don’t want them to be there. Maybe I can remove them somehow. CD would notice. Maybe if I try it with supressors. No, this isn’t the place. Did they move it again? Hm.. three additional layers of protection. Guess something went down again. What is this, kiddy hour? These things are nothing. Oh I just love virtual pain. Who ever thought they’d put a feedback on the second layer. Nice and tingly. There we go. Good ol’ Stanton. I need info. He doesn’t seem happy. I don’t really care, I just need to know what happened on my mission today. Hmm. He seems reluctant to feed me information. He seems to forget I’m blackmailing him. Guess he remembers now. So it was a standard operation. Apparently just me, my guns, and your basic collection of more than deadly organised crime. That doesn’t explain the little resistance and my state of confusion. He doesn’t know any more. Results. He doesn’t know. He knows little for this time of day.

Playtime's over

He seems to understand I’m not poking at him for fun. I hate this guy. I was meant to take out 5. I know that. Why. He doesn’t have the exact info, but it seems they were not just terrorising the council. They know stuff. What stuff. They know about me? This is getting very, very annoying. He has about 1 minute to stop fucking around before I send out some calls to various places and exact what they claim is justice on three of his warehouses. He seems mad. Unless he feeds me that info he’s be mad in jail with a cellmate called bobo who likes middleaged manflesh. That certainly shut him up. Dammit, you jackass, I don’t want you quiet, I want you talking your fucking mouth off so I can leave here and we can both be happy! This is getting tiresome. Okay, good. There’s a rumor the have ways to get their hands on blueprints for my model. I’m a model now? Who claims that. What a coincidence. I was on my way to Stiner anyway. No you didn’t feed me anything useful you dumb shit. we're not even by a long shot. I’m not even sure why I’m not turning off your sister’s lifesupport via remote terminal right now. He’s really steaming now. Let’s see him steam over a dead connection.

I need to find Riner before they discover I’m using a router channel over council lines.