Cho... My name is Layla Cho. I’m not real. I wish it was raining, then I’d have even more reason to try this. I work for the 7th office of the conflict detachments. That means I solve problems. SPG... I wonder why they issue these to me. I carry a fairly large array of weaponry.. large enough to remove a small country from the map. Yet I’m not supposed to use them. I’ve been trained to take out sets of 40 people at a time using only what functions my body can provide. Yet they weigh me down with all this stuff. I wonder what they’d think if I pulled the pin out of this thing...I’m not real. I’m not an AI, but I’m not human either. Partially grown, partially programmed, biologically enhanced, redefined protein structures. I could probably benchpress a building if I tried. I’m supposed to be the top of the top. The elite in combat and tactics. They can’t do anything right, can they... yet here I am, standing on top of the department roof, about to test a little theory I have. I’m sure they can rebuild me if it fails. SPG. The SPG is one of those weapons that really has no use except to mass destroy stuff in a rather ugly fashion. I know exactly how it works, and the thought that someone other than me conceived it makes me want to go out and find them. Then maybe apply some microfiber to them. Either that or pin em down and have the wildest night of sex they could imagine. The SPG generates a wad of static mass. The volume is proportional to the size of the grenade.. and I seem to carry the maximum size. That means this one will probably create about 72 circs of mass. I wonder if the building will hold that much after I pull this thing. You probably don’t know what a circ is. It’s a radial measurement introduced with these grenades. It’s related to perktheory, only adapted. Each circ unit is a double of the previous, as a spherical surface measurement. Funny how the pin fits exactly around my finger. If I don’t corrupt over this one I think I’ll keep it as ring.

Suffice to say this baby will make a lot of instant mass and push everything back quite a bit. I’m not supposed to use these things except indoors. Like I said, mass destruction. Smooth metal, I’ll give it that. I know you’re reading this. You made me record all my thoughts. Bastard. Why did you make me love you too? You really are the sickest techfreak of them all. I wish I could kill you first. Maybe next time. I hope you’re laughing when you read this. I’m about to blow myself up. Maybe it’ll actually work this time. Guess who’ll be laughing then. Probably neither of us. I’ll be dead and you’ll have lost a pricey bit of equipment.1.2mm...1.4... 1.6... 1.62...1.623 ... hair triggered. If this place would shake even the slightest we’re gonna have some fun. It’s a shame the SPG mass dissipates after seven seconds. It makes for very ugly scenes when people drop from a ceiling back down, when they’re already crushed. It makes for nasty noise. And I record those all. I wonder how freudian it is to love and hate you at the same time. And the smell’s not too nice either. I usually end up torching the place just because of the smell.


The building shook. I might as well take the whole pin out. Enhanced optical resolution, filtering and non interlaced frame processing at 7347 frames per second. It’s funny to watch an SPG blow up.. the dimples slightly expand and the linings seem to turn transparent.. the whole thing bobs up like a balloon before at the last instant the lining just seemd to fade away. They really worked out the elasticity on this tricollic ferrite compound. And then there’s the grey color coming out. My optics aren’t fast enough to see the actual synthesis, but the gasses coming out of the center turn a darker color and crystalise. I’m being pushed back. Let’s see how much resistance I can give it. The color sort of wraps itself around me. Interesting sensation. It certain offers a lot of pressure. I can’t hold much ground.This is a pretty good weapon. my right hand just snapped. I may not be real but that still hurts a shitload. Pain! Why did you make me feel pain? It’s touching my eyes. I’d better draw back and close my eyelids. Doesn’t matter much to my perceptions anyway. Hm... More pressure.. it’s wrapped around me entirely. Why has only my right hand been crushed so far? Am I really that strong? Did they really want me to survive anything anyone could throw at me? FUCK WHATS THAT!? Oh... I suppose my lower spine just got snapped. I was mistaken. This hurts a lot more than my hand. Processing is slowing down... I wonder if this is the end. Is this how they feel it too? I'm curious when the pain level stops. Humans would have blacked out already. And here I am just gaining and gaining pain. There go the internal organs. Won’t need those now anyway. .. dark

It’s getting dark. It’s a safe assumption that my head is being crushed. Didn’t put sensoric nerves in my brain did you? There’s not much.. red.. when the time.. but the fish don’t swim. You really did love me.. that first day.. when light.. we’ll have to.. dance..