Riner decorated his place. With interesting layers too. Let’s see how he handles brute force. He hates it. Guess I’ll pretend to leave, then just use this wideopen backdoor that he still hasn’t found out. It seems a bit too open. Inviting. He trapped it. He’s good, but so silly if he thinks this will keep me out. I think I wrote this program in the first place. There we go. A simple password later and guess who’s standing on your doorstep. That was moderately fun. He seems surprised. Hello Riner old boy, how’s life in the shadows. He says I’m still the tops. Yeah, we did have some good times together. However now is not a moment of cheesecake and coffee, now’s the time we talk about me, and what the fuck is going on in my little world. He seems not really surprised. Start talking Riner. I need info and you know I needed it before I knew I did. Of all my virtuals, Riner is definitely the best. He knows the organization that is trying to get my blueprints. Why do I have blueprints. I’m not a robot. There are blueprints of the enhancement processes? He knows me, He knows I want to get my hands on those. Nothing like a little self exploration. He says it’s extremely dangerous to get them. Bicamp guards them. Bicamp sucks. He says they changed their policies. They had policies? They’re no longer required to report, they have gotten more security laws backing them and they’ve gotten a kill liscence for their high risk security officers. Some policy that is. So they’ve basically become another CD department. Independant? If they’re an independant company, who controls their liscence? The council? Didn’t we have linked databases for law enforcement? I don’t like where this is heading. Let me ask ask him in a differ manner. Why are my prints so important. More ops... I’m really starting to not like where this is heading. Are they planning to massproduce me? Alright, people LIKE me then. So.. that would mean I’d become expendable? Yes today is one of those all time highs. Riner needs to explain to me how I can get to them. He knows I need to see those prints. I have to know. Who the hell am I. I have to know. What the hell am I. I must find out. Where the hell did I come from. But most importantly, I need that one bit of vital information. I need to know who the fuck designed me.

Supply me

Digital paths are quite useful if you can handle binary data. The best part is I can interface with nearly anything and parse it correctly.I could even add flavor to bitcode if I wanted to. And right now I’m staring at a building schematic for the Bicamp main office. And man, is it a sweet piece of work. It’s going to be a real challenge getting in there and keeping it from Raymond. I’m going to be making a mess. I just know it. Riner should know how recent this data is. 3 days. He really should tell me how he stays on top of these things. I know you asked me never to ask you. He really should though... I’ll need backup. This place is a fortress. I’m going to have a fieldday getting my own prints. Let's talk business for a moment. I'll need a dropzone, vehicles, weapons. the second and last I have. the first I need Riner to get for me. He wonders how we'll handle this one. We're good at handling things, right Riner? Aside from a dropzone I'll need someone to coordinate me. I can trust Riner. right? I forgot, fake memories. this is going to be more fun than I thought. I'll have to evade my section, bicamp, and reality all at the same time. Does Riner have taps on CD's 4th and 5th department? I'll have to use their 'services'. namely their shortrange assualt vehicle, and their secret anti-hardsuit guns. I'm wearing hardsuit too. I'll have to modify it. Shit, I'm getting wet just thinking it out. Riner has no choice, we're doing this.

Like picking flowers in a minefield.

I like mines.