Random Top Five #14

Top 5 things that wont fit into an ISA slot.

#5 : Me, I've tried. -

They're must be some pin allignment issues - even with the classic wiggle.

#4 : Northern Europe. -

Again no matter how much I force it its just not fitting. I always seem to have Norway hanging over the edge.

#3 : Graphics cards. -

Yes I mean 2D non accelerated 256k boards running on a 8/16 MHz shared bus. Your point is?

#2 : 240 Volts 50Hz 3 core cable. -

Well unless you take the plug off then end and strip the wires down. Oh and stand well back.

#1 : Doctor Pepper and Blavod. -

Is this the only thing it can't do!!!

This weeks charts are by Spooky.


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