I have to see if Casey’s available. If he’s still alive of course. It’s always a guess. Given the fact that he has a stronger appetite for things that get you killed than me, and he doesn’t even have half my brain or hardsuit. It’s a miracle he’s been alive up till now. Knock knock baby. It looks like he moved. This is an empty cell. Traces? No signs of wiped data. Interesting. Maintainance stamps are gone. There is no redirection. Either he died and no one has access to this place, or he’s slacking. Symlinks on seven different domains. Including CD. Casey, Casey, where are you. This isn’t data. Clever. Find compression blocks changing header processing. Knock knock the hard way baby. Hello casey dear, how’s things. Yeah I bet you’re suprised. Don’t sweat it, I have a computational capability pretty much equal to what you have combined symlinks up for. Sad thing is, it’s not even a real lie. He’s curious why I’m here. Why is it that once a day falls into a certain pattern, it doesn’t seem to stop? Clearance. I need access to certain things that he has easy access to. He doesn’t need to know what I will be using these things for. Oooh, good guess. Yes, he’s right, I’m planning on stealing my own prints.

What does he mean, trap.
The thought crossed my mind. True, if they wanted to get me, this would be a good way to lure me, but somehow I don’t think they’re after my body that much. They already had it today, and they didn’t seem impressed enough with it, because I’m using it right now. Where to go from here. Alright, he better listen up good. I’m going to need a print and a hardwired monitoring unit model 15, the ones they use at bicamp. I need to hack it. Make that a model 15 and personal model 4 revision 1. Also I need the new specs for their grunts. All of them. Casey can get it. He knows he can. Oh and then I’ll need access to that funky little database of destruction that he's compiled. Oh dear, that surprised him. Yeah, I know he has one, and I know that I need access to it one way or another. I can use that info he’s been storing to improve my way of work. He doesn’t want to compromise the people he used to create the database. Then Casey has a problem. Because I know where he lives in real life. He’s not impressed. He lives on Malton drive 14. He’s impressed. Appartment 3376. He’s scared. He’s sitting next to the darkest wall in the room. The one with the fishtank. He’s trying to hack me. No, I’m afraid that he’s not going to succeed in that. All I need is access to that dbase. He’s given up already. Wimp. Let’s have a look at that collection then.

The flavor of the bits is yellow.

That wasn’t as useful as I had hoped. He has a lot of useless junk in that thing. Still this probably improved my imporvisational ability by about 100%. Now to get to the plan. Casey will have to give me a time when he had the info I need. I think I’ll pop by August again, I suddenly had an idea on how to isolate and reproduce those fake memories. I’m going to need them. 42 minutes. That’s close enough to my ‘still interested’ timeframe. He’d better not try to leave, virtual OR physical. I found him once, I’ll find him again. He seems distressed. He should relax. I haven’t used his services long, but he should know I’m one of the most reliable CDs with undergrounds there is. He knows it’s true. Time to get off this filthy network. I’ve been snooped five times, had 42 rejections on openers because I don’t use their protocol, and had to actually cut off a first layer success while I was in here. I’ll have to rewrite my networking negotiations, I haven’t done that in a while. I wonder what CD would think if they found out what I do for a hobby


I like my Sayem. It’s fast. It’s modified too. Outruns anything I’ve met so far. More coffee. Yeah, with a straw. Make it a red one with a curl in it. Back to the labs boy. August is interested in my theory. The way I see it, the faked memories will have to have been either written into me, or I would have had to speedexperience them. The last we can check by seeing if any of my memories have a time decompression on them, something that would result in missing frames in the playbacks, or a knot in the storage. The first is a bit more tricky. August will have to check my protocol signature for the recording monitoring waves that it generates. They're saved along with the memories, making them unique in the sense that each has a different print. He would have to look for the ones that are unique, but have a wave discrepancy of one or two frames upon recording. It would be impossible for those bitches to sync up the memory to real time. I may be enhanced, but I do come with safetyfeatures even they don’t know of. And he’s going to have to do it quickly. Because I’m going to have to turn on the satlinks again, or they’ll start getting worried and trace me.

Feel the burn... I'm starting to like this.

That went faster than I thought he could do it. I was right. So they were written into me. Good thing it was less than August thought at first. It still doesn’t explain what happened, but at least I”ll be able to filter the wrongs from the rights. No, I’ll keep the fakes, if they could put them in there, they’re good, and I’ll want every bit of info they gave me to be available. I just need a way to label them. Remove the print? Bad idea, that shows up on a scan. And I’ll be scanned a lot in the next few days. I need something that’s the same format, but different data. Let me move these to a little backup I keep. Cleverly hidden even from the CD. Bet they’d never look for a distributed processing system running along reflex nerves. I am good. Time to bid August goodbye and see what the rest of the day brings as I do absolutely nothign at all. Except maybe shoot some things. I bet Raymond will want to talk to me about shutting down my satlinks. Time to start faking it.

Not like he’ll know. I'm just that good.