I better tidy up this place, Long’ll be here soon. It’s funny how I could remember him even though I lost my memories. Most importantly, I need to get rid of this virtual console. I’m not even supposed to have a line in this appartment. Guess that’s why I do things the not-quite-official way. Hidden. Satlink back up. There’s that faint resync buzz. I wonder who is monitoring this particular line. Given the past few times I did this, Long’s going to know I figured a few things out. I wonder how much I can lead him on without having to fess up. Pillows. Might need to get some more of those. The couch looks worn, and I’m not sure why I even have a bed here. Well, there’s the obvious reasons... Aside from the fact that I don’t really sleep...

Why is the doorbell ringing

Long has a key and this is a temp base. Who has this address. I didn’t pass it out, that means that either it’s a debt collector for whoever we got rid of to set this place up, or it’s fun. Am I armed. I’m still carrying my array of lethals. Better increase my firepower. Heimers, where did I put those. Cabinet to the left. There we go. Pressure rounds in the left chamber, fillament in the right. Come and get it. I can do better than this. Where’s that glove. Hard suits are ideal for enhancements. I like this thing. Electric pintip, 20.000V instant, 14.000V flood. Not enough to kill, but enough to stun with. Then again, do I want to stun whoever is trying to get to this room. Doorbell again. Who the fuck is this. Monitor. Cam shows a blank hallway. That’s clever. And bad. Engage spectral cloaking. I hope Long won’t try to drop by now. This is going to get messy. Fuck this glove, if they have cloaks, this isn’t going to do shit. I need that cronon baton. A truely marvelous device. Delivers a single delayed boring dart, with the power to ram itself through a 12” steel wall and a spread that will leave the wall wondering why it’s missing half it’s volume. Come and get it.


Time to go covert. Enhance optics. Quad res. Fluid motion muscles aren’t complaining. circle door. I can’t see whoever just came in. What’s going on here. Left. Something on the floor just moved. Again. It’s a good thing I didn’t dust this place. Whoever this is, the optic cloak is high grade. I can’t even make out the outline distortion. Enhacing optics. 70% increase... still nothing. Going to full enhance This better be worth.. it.. outline. Very good cloaking indeed. It’s only minimal. You’re still about to die though. I don’t think I’ve been spotted. Whoever this is, he's still just moving around. Access spacial sound. Let’s see if they understand the terms “spacial sound generation”. Target window. "Prepare to die". That certainly caused a reaction. I might not need this baton. Too much power for.. right... there’s more than one.


I have 3 intruders. Time to get nasty on them all. Localise. Two in the middle of the room, one at the window. Classification undeterminable, elimination assumed. Threat assessment. Undetermined firepower. Volume indication maximum level 4. that means they’re possibly packing big explody type things. Tactical mode k-36-d this shouldn’t take long. Take out two intruders in the middle. Dual Heimers. This is going to make some noise. I have to move fast.


Unlock, the weight on the left Heimer is off. Load left. Ready. Aim, fire left chambers. They’re only pushed back. Strong armor. Fire right chambers. Two hits, lock. The cloaks are failing. It seems they won’t be using their torso for a while. Trace outline. Shit he’s circling. Fast too. Drop heimers. I can't use these now. I'll have to move faster than he can. Trace outline. I can still see it. He’s making for the door.P12 This will make more than a mess. Unlock Aim. Squeeze. Sound Lock. Holster. He’s still moving. What the fuck is this guy made of. He’s in the hallway. Move faster. Where’s that outline. Tracing.. Where’s that fucking outline! Tracing. Where! outline found. I don’t know who you are but I hope you enjoyed your life so far. cronon loaded and ready. Outline has stopped. It can’t see me.. amazing. Aim. Smile. Squeeze. Smile. Wait. Smile. Result?The cloaking is fluttering. It’s off. Well well. She seems in quite some pain. I suppose it would hurt if you get a cronon dart in your left breast. Slow pulsating drum. The delay’s coming to a halt. I hope she’s religious. If not, turns out she’ll still die anyway. what? I'm a target?


Gross. That certainly gives a hell of a mess. I’m sure someone else will clean this up. Someone behind me. Holster cronon, nutrinics, turn, step back, unlock, aim Right... decloak. holster weapons..

Hello raymond