Random Top Five #16

Top 5 ways to express boredom

5 - Gawd I'm bored -

An oldy, but at least it works.

4 - Pass me the powerstapler, I feel like I?m about to start twitching. -

So implies a bit more than just boredom, but than again, a LITTLE violence never killed anyone.

3 - I wonder what fire extinguisher tastes like? -

Ever thought that? it tastes ike bad CO2, that?s been canistered too long. trust me.

2 - Gee, a timewarp would be perfecty normal -

You just left normal reality and entered the zone where time has no meaning to you. sadly, the rest of the world just goes on. I know this from personal experience. you stop being bored the instant you realise that timewarps CAN'T HAPPEN HERE.

1 - MOO

This weeks charts are by PMI.


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