But it moves polygons soooo quick....

....urgggg, I'm sorry. I've just cum. My SGI arrived today. It's an Indigo2 Solid Impact with 192MB of RAM. Its got 2 big geometry engines, a massive raster engine... but no texture engine :( Still I'm not complaining. I'll just put a Maximum Impact card in there. Now all I need a monitor that supports sync on green and isn't a ?4000 Epson projector.

Right, I'm off to drool madly.


But does it do Quake 3?????? huh!!!!!!!!!!

By Silkie |

Not yet, but once I get my Max Impact.... hell yeah!

By Spooky |

Oh my no it prolly doesn't, so i guess you don't really need it then eh? What a let-down. Well i feel for ya, so if you pay for the shipping i'll *reluctantly* take it off you... but only out of the kindness of my heart. I'm such a compassionate guy, aren't i?

By Void |

hmm, Spooky is not at his desk right now...


By Nightmare |

Heavy Engine Console
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