Liquidy loving.

Oooer missus. This has nothing to do with Gail Porter and a vat of Guiness Extra Cold. It's more to do with those crazy cats at IBM and their mad quantum computing experiements. El Reg has popped a quick mention about big blue and their mystic number crunching liquid. Here's a little snippet..

A little test tube of liquid was targeted with a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer in a sequence according to the Shor algorithm, and computing history was made at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California.

Apparently they used changes in the rotational orientation of the nuclei of the liquids atoms to store binary sequences enabling them to factor 15. Which although not sounding particularly spectacular is the first step in making quantum computing a reality. Whaddya mean what's quantum computing? Here's another quick blurt from Vulture Central. There will be a test on this.

The basic idea of quantum computing is to store data in the nuclei of atoms by altering their orientation, thereby producing a binary scheme. Because the fundamental elements of computation here are discrete, they can operate simultaneously and in parallel, potentially making computers of fantastic power.

See? Doesn't that sound nice. Now be off with you and fill yer boots with all
this quantum loving.


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I work better without the pressure man!

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