My name is Cho. I like to shoot people. Say what you want, but I have one of the best jobs there is. I handle big fucking guns, I blow stuff up, and they pay me to do it. I can walk into a building and level it, and there's no one who even so much blinks if I do it. Except whoever gets caught by the collapsing ceilings of course. I handle more explosive power than an army combat vehicle, and it doesn't affect my curves. I'm a lean, mean, sexy fighting machine. And I'm about to fuck up your world.

You better be listening. I spent a long time planning this thing, and if you managed to tap into these recordings it means you found out what happened at Bicamp. I fucked a lot of people up. You'll also be happy to know this is a planted recording. that means I know you're reading this, and it also means you're not reading it from my head. guess you won't be smiling when you read this, will you? I don't suppose you figured I was going in to get the plans did you. if you did, you were a better actor than I thought you were. and I could think quite a bit. To wrap things up before you start speedforwarding this message, I won. I'm probably holding the plans to my own body right now. several hundred of Bicamp ops will have bled the hallways a particular shade of red, and in all likelyhood the CD3 no longer exists. Sorry about that, I just needed their resources. I'm sure I'll feed the real data back to CD7 soon, when I manage to figure out how to get on top of everything regarding your little mess-up, but until then, let me explain you something. Because obviously you're an idiot, and you need to be told what will have happened.

I decided you cheated on me.

Don't feel bad, it's not your fault, I just happen to have an IQ that outranks most industrial processing rooms, and the emotional stability of a sewer rat on meth. Then again, that wasn't new. I also have access to all primary controls you put in me, so that I would be controllable. And -that- is probably new to you. I figured out the main systems a good year ago, and set up reroutes and fake signals every now and then, to test if you noticed. Which obviously you didn't. To cut a long story, which you will no doubt find interesting but I won't make you happy with, short - I changed. I'm not what you thought I was. I'm a thinking individual who firmly believes in placing a gauss gun against a temple and pulling the trigger if for some reason someone screws me over without a nice afterglow at the end. It doesn't have to be a gaussgun of course, there are other things that make interesting splatter patterns too. And you definitely fucked me over. Granted, there were a few afterglows, but if I substract the screws I end up in the negative numbers. So let's recap.

When you read this, I'll have entered Bicamp roughly 72 hours ago. Together with 2 ops that you don't know, nor ever will, I'll have made my way through the first twelve security systems without much hassle. Because they're shit. We'll have taken about 10 minutes to do so. We'll have reached the first real obstacle, which is the main 4th floor entrace. All went well, because you're reading this. We'll probably have taken 30 minutes to open the door to the 4th floor, after which no doubt some killing occured. You should know me by now. Then we'll have secured the floor, making sure the backup systems that are brilliantly hidden on this floor for the main security are turned off. Bicamp is smart, but not that smart. 40 minutes later we'll have made our way to basement floor 2, where the main security systems are located. I'm assuming more killing. we'll split up here, and the two mystery ops who you'll never meet will depart for the upper levels, while I move through levels b3 through b8 to the target of this op, being me. Or rather, my plans, but I'm sure you'll see the poetry in calling it me. The idea is that they'll take up the normal systems in cascading fashion so as to upset the now abundantly present reinforcements.

This is where the fun starts.

I'll encounted the second problem on b4, where security wears tanksuits. It's only fair to warn you that I upgraded my armors, so they won't be able to really dent me, but I'm on a timeschedule, so they have to be 'detained' withint about 20 minutes. One of the advantages of being bioaugmented is there's room for improvement that would kill regular people like you. The second batch of tanksuits will be dealt with in roughly 50 minutes, because of the door system on the 4th basement floor, and it's annoying tendency to be open on a timeencrypted window system.

Security from there is a bit easy

I'll hit b5. this floor has nice walltraps and stuff that generally blows up regardless of who's near it, once it's set off. it will take me 5 hours to get through this floor. surprisingly, not much killing will have happened here, but that's pretty obvious once you figure out what's on floor b7.

What about b6?

floor b6 can be bypassed because of a flaw in the structural design. there are message shutes that run from b5 to b7, but you have to know where the engineering holes are. which I obviously do. so no need to risk the small army on b6.

on b7 I'll take 2 hours getting through the security systems which will be mainly computerised. except the entrance to b8 is guarded by Bicamp's a.m.g. system. which carries a few items that you don't even know about, but really you should. Because it's nearly as destructive as I am.

finaly on b8 there lies me... which I'll now have in duplicate. and which you'll find, no longer exist in any form of copy anywhere. I'm sorry if this recording upsets you. I'm sure we'll be able to talk it out over a nice cup of coffee. You'll have lots of questions, and there's not reason for me not to answer them. You sick fuck. I roughly know what's in those plans, even before I'm off to go get them. I'll give you answers alright. right after I completely deprogram myself. For now, this will have to do. I'm sure the newspapers will come up with a funny headline for the disappearence of the Bicamp security agency.

bye now