Is that an event horizon in your pocket.....

So you want to study the effects of an event horizon on light.. don't we all? But you left your black hole in your other trousers, no problem. Ulf Leonhardt of the University of St Andrews has come up with a nifty little device thats the size of 'a table top' and simulates the effects of an event horizon. His reasoning for such a monumental undertaking....

"It's very difficult to do experiments at real black holes,"

No shit... But whats the point?

Imitation event horizons lead to understanding quantum effects of gravity, and resolve conflicts that have developed between general relativity (the theory of the biggest bodies in the Universe) and quantum theory (the rules governing its tiniest constituents)

Well shut my mouth! You can absorb the rest of this story at everybodies (ok, mine) favourite site with the name cosmiverse, cosmiverse.All you have to do is simply click here.


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