Any jobs going?

ID Software, the creators of the Classic DOOM series and the phenomenal Quake series have had major success in almost everything they have done but the ride has not always been a smooth one. Its like a game of Rocket Arena 3, one minute your on top and you are dominating everything in sight, then your team mates stray rocket knocks your off into void..

"Mr. Steed had been fired, "in retaliation, over my opposition," Mr. Carmack wrote in a June 2000 entry on the company's .plan file. Mr. Cloud then posted a response online, writing that it seemed every Id game involved some "great conflict." It was a rare glimpse of the inner workings at one of the most admired companies in gaming as it prepared to rework one of the most admired games of all time."

While these things do happen it does not stop the mighty ID Software from doing what they do best... Read the full artical here.


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