File not found :

The file you requested is not avalible and probably wont be avalible for quite some time.

Please try the following if you still dont understand:

  • Click the Refresh button and still get this page again.
  • Go back to the l33+ warez site you just came from and click their banners more, obviously you had not clicked the banners enough.
  • You browser might be too secure to recieve this file, click the Tools menu, and then click internet options. On the Security tab, click Custom Level... then reset the custom settings to Low. Now email your IP Address to here.
  • Wait for a short while.
  • If by now you do not have various messages about your harddrive being full then download this file that will give you secret access to our OC3+ dump servers.
  • If by now you have still not realised that Quake 4 is not here to download then there is no hope for you. Please feel free to stab your self in the head as the doctors at the emergency room are more likey to take pitty on your then we are.

Please stop wasting our time!
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