I know what your mummies wearing.

Those marvelous chaps at the british museum have themselves a rather splendid SGI? Onyx? 3000 and rather than play mangband or battalion on it like I would, they're actually using it for visualisation work. Weirdo's! Anyway they've been using this beast of a machine in combination with computed axial tomography (I had one of those but it broke) scans to peek at an ancient Egyptian mummy still sealed inside it outer casing.

Using an SGI? Reality CenterTM facility to convert computed axial tomography (CAT) scan data into a remarkably lifelike 3D image, researchers have been able for the first time to determine what lies hidden beneath the casing, or cartonnage, of a 3,000-year-old mummy, Nesperennub, housed at the museum since 1899

See! Told you. Anyway...

The image reveals the complete skeleton and a number of objects and artifacts placed on the mummy's body. Most intriguingly, researchers have identified for the first time a mysterious, caplike object on Nesperennub's head as a ceramic bowl. This has never before been seen and raises new questions about ancient Egyptian burial rituals.

A bowl on his head? Stylish. Anyway, 'wrap' your occular cavities round this.


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