Lan Box Loving..

LAN Parties are the defacto in multiplayer gaming, allowing large piles of people to expiriance 0 ping gaming in a (usually) highly alcoholic enviroment. The biggest problem with LAN Parties is that part where you must drag you rig to the event and set everything up then take it all apart again to take it home and setup once more. A lot of hassle as you well know, luckly there is a fix for it all...

"Arguably the best feature of this entire computer is the case. While most gaming machines are towering behemoths of power, the LAN Gear ES sits in a tiny 1.5U case. Picking it up requires as much as effort as hefting a gallon of milk. Weighing in at a scant 11 pounds, the entire machine fits like a binder under an arm"

All good things but I am not sure how much g0at pr0n you could fit on that 20GB drive (only spooky knows). Well if you want a review of this 'hefting a gallon of milk' then click your clicker here.


Heavy Engine Console
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