Review : Gigabyte Mini Switch

Yes its true we do sometimes do reviews of stuff, in a highly professional manner too. This time round we have quite possibly one of the coolest little devices we have seen in a long time. Its the Gigabyte GS-SW005 Mini Switch. Here is the blurb from the box.

"For all valuable Network & Communication Products"

"Store-and-forward Scheme
The Mini Switch has a very high performance switch engine to move data to and from the MAC's, packet buffers. It operates in store and forward mode, while the efficient switching mechanism reduces overall latency. It has 32K*32 (128KB) in internal buffer for frames.

Address Look Up
The internal look up table stores MAC address and their associated information. It contains 1K full CAM with 48-bit address plus switching information. It is guaranteed to learn 1L addresses and distinguishes itself from hash-based look up tables.

Auto-negotiation Capability
The Mini Switch conforms to the auto negotiation protocol as described by the 802.3 committee. Auto negotiation allows UTP link partners to select the best common mode of operation."

All this and its small too =)

So what is so good about this Switch?
Well basically its a really really good switch and best of all it fits in the palm of yuor hand, it comes with magnetic feet that you stick on, allowing it to stick to any metal surface. Its got 4 ports and a uplink port (which with the use of a cross over cable can double up as a 5th port) all running at 10/100 duplex.

Very good by why does it deserve the effort of a review?
Well on the basis that its small, fast and cool is obviously not enough. It comes with a normal power supply and a 'swanky' usb cable which plugs into the power input on the hub thus opwering itself from your USB port! Nifty eh?

We are not going to bore you with pants benchmarks as they are indeed pants.


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