Any news is good news

Due to lack of good news I thought I would post some random stuff I have found on the web during this uneventful Thursday afternoon.

"Electronic Arts dnes vydali prvn? opravdov? screenshoty z ned?vno neofici?ln? ozn?men?ho Sim City 4! P?edem upozor?uji, ?e tentokr?t se nejedn? o ??dn? vype?en? apr?lov? ?ert. ;) Bohu?el, informace o Sim City 4 zat?m st?le nejsou k dispozici v ??dn? kloudn? ofici?ln? form?, tak?e na n?jak? bli??? podrobnosti si budeme muset je?t? chv?li po?kat..."

The key words in this are "Screenshoty" and "SimCity 4".


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