Twisted Mad Worm of Doom!

[XTC]Orion of 3D-Demos has sent a rather fetching link in for our, almost regular, Friday fun link. So.. here it is. Post your High Scores in the comments bit =)


1902 so far =)

By Nightmare |

2545 so far... but that was 100% caffine fueled.

By Spooky |

1710, i suck

By Magic |

2259 on my 3rd go. I will stop now to save embarrassing you all.

By Warchild |

2088 ?>

By Xeelee |

2409 I seem to do better with sleep deprivation !

By ^Xeelee |

w00p!! 2289, a respectable effort although not great but I did win the right to keep my CD on!! Justin is such a shirt lifter!!!! =0)

By Silkie |

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