Popular Gangster Rap

We can break this guide down into a couple of separate sections. Style, Attitude and of course Content. The first thing that we will cover is the style. And if you don't like you can 'step the fuck back before I pop a cap in yo fat ass!'


First up... your actually physical configuration. Now the following statement is not my opinion but more of an observation. You have to be American, you have to be black, you have to be male and most importantly your past has to involve generous helping of 'tha hood' and some kind of criminal activity. Now you can still be successful without one or two of these (Like a current popular 'homey' whos name resembles a well publicised brand of chocolate coated peanuts...hmmm) but on the whole the more of these criteria you fulfill the more successful you will be.

Next up attire. Designer labels, gold and big puffy jackets. All of these things help shoehorn you straight into the the rapper stereo-type thus ensuring that the rap buying public get exactly what they want. Baggy clothing is also very important as is gold. Did I mention that gold chains, big gold rings and gold are good bet as well. Now I fully understand that many of you may feel that this is merely scratching the surface but to be frank I don't care and you're wrong. To save further
embarrassment on your part we'll move swiftly on to the entourage.

No 'killah G' would be seen dead (from gunshot wound or otherwise) without his 'crew'. Now picture the scene:- You're just about arrive at an award ceremony to collect your 'Most Baddest Mofo' award. The crowd hears that you are on the way and a veritable army of young beauties is screaming your name. A gorgeous supermodel walks down the red carpet in preparation to open the door of your soon to be arriving vehicle. In the midst of paparazzi flashes and headlights you step out of a beat up old Taxi with your mum. This is of course wrong. Now any true gangster rapper worth his weight in coke would have arrived in a convoy of 43 black Mercedes. Before his vehicle even reached the kerb the pavement would be packed with 8 foot tall 700lb bodyguards. As the door is finally opened by a panicked supermodel she is greeted by a seemingly endless chain of crack covered 'ho's'. Finally as you emerge from the vehicle you grab the nearest camera and tell the world that you're gonna shoot your mum in the face for screwing you up all those years ago. Now that's 'fly'!


Many people would argue that this is the most important quality of any great gangster rapper although they would infact be correct I feel I need to put them in place before they get to damn cocky. An ISO 6726-43.1a should suffice (c)PmI. Anyway there are some important personality traits that you will need to display in order to climb to the top of the 'gansta' ladder. These are in no particular order. Not that you'd know if they were... I mean that's why your reading this drivel.

Completely unnecessary derogatory attitude towards women. -
Slapping 'yo bitch' coz that 'ho' hasn't got your 'benjamins'.

Over zealous aggressive behavior. -
Pulling your '9' or your 'guage' everytime some 'punk bitch' 'disses' 'yo'homeyz' like a 'ho'.

Extreme opinions regarding your parents. -

Either threatening to 'gank' 'yo bitch-ass' 'momma' or the other polar extreme of 'bustin' caps' in every other 'mofo' who even mentions 'yo momma'.

Total hatred for any form of police officer.-
Cop Killa... do I need to say anymore?

So basically as long as your beating your woman up whilst setting your pitbull on your mum and pulling various personal armaments on the local law enforcement you're laughing. So you've got the look, you've got the vibe now all you need are the phat rhymes.


You walk the walk now it's time to talk the talk. It's time you learned to bust some funky rhymes and we're just the mofos to give you the 411. Now sit yo pizzy ass down before I bust a 187 on yo ass! The first thing that you need to include in any kind of gansta groove is the mention of weapons. The following table offers an easy to use 'just add water' kind of list.

Weapon: Knife
Slang: Steel / Cold Steel
Usage: The bitch was illin' but with the steel I was chillin'.

Weapon: 9mm Semi Automatic hand gun
Slang: 9
Usage: Had the 9 for a 187, givin bitches a taste of heaven.

Weapon: 12 Guage Shot Gun
Slang: Guage<
Usage: Bro's trippin' with tha rage, I put my hand to ma guage.

Weapon: Automatic weapon
Slang: Gat
Usage: The cops were comming, my gat was humming.

Weapon: Russian assault rifle
Slang: AK
Usage: With my muthafuckin' AK, I came out blastin',All yo muthafuckers going home in caskets.

Ok so you've got the guns mentioned now you need the drugs.. once again here is a quick reference guide.

Drug: Marajuana
Slang: Blow, Weed, Grass
Usage: Mah niggas stoned on blow, this punk steps up acting the ho.

Drug: Cocaine
Slang: Eight Ball, Snow
Usage: Step up to the plate dealing eight ball, I reach for my 9, 187 for y'all.

Drug: Crack Cocaine
Slang: Crack, Rock
Usage: Dealing rock in ma hood, I was up to no good.

So, thats the drugs taken care of, now its time for the miscellaneous items that make up the rest of your gansta sound.

Object: Woman
Slang: Bitch, ho
Usage: And if your bitch steps up I'm smackin the ho.

Object: Police Officer
Slang: Pig
Usage: Pigs bustin' in on my deal,I got tha eight and tha 9 and a hand on ma steel

Object: Neighborhood
Slang: Hood, crib
Usage: You comin' round my hood with tha illin' you best step back or with tha 9 y'all be chillin'.

Object: Friends
Slang: Homeyz, Bro's
Usage: Homeyz walking tha hood, carrying tha phat gats.. its all good.

Of course what good is Gansta Rap track without the little things that give the icing on the cake. All of the following points should be implemented for optimum effect, boyeee!

Uh Huh Yeah
To be used when ever you have run out of lyrics but need to cover the repetitive looped hook line that makes up your track.

To end a rhyme that has too many syllabuls and no longer fits the over used 4:4 timing of your track.

Whoa whoa whoa yeah
Only to used by a rather unattractive but talented female singer who adds the only bit of spice to your otherwise dull efforts.

Kiddies singing
Hide the fact that you have no talent by getting 30 pre teen kids to 'murder' a particular line in your track.

Samples of classics
Take a rather fine piece of classical music cut it up into annoying little chunks that you repeat over and over again and call it music.

Samples of other more musical bands
Take a rather fine piece of contemporary/popular music cut it up?into annoying little chunks that you repeat over and over again and call it music. (See, its crap getting the same thing repeatedly!)

Peace we out!

Check it, I've laid down tha' phat vybes for y'all. I've bust all the dope grooves on y'ass. Bitch, you trippin' if you can't be down with that. And to all my homeyz in the int13h crew, peace out!


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