Achieving perfection?

As most of our regular readers know, we are great fans of the great Rainbow Six : Rouge Spear here at int13h. Many a Lan party hour is spent playing the classic tactical shooting, screams of agongy as that last sniper whore (Voodoo) pops that last round into your head. Ahh.. ehm where was I? oh yeah, Red Storm are set to release the next installment in the series under the name of Raven Shield. As ever Gamespy have the goods..

"The character models also benefit from the Unreal engine's "rag doll" physics. This enables more realistic display of an incapacitated or dead character with regard to its environment. For instance, if a character is shot standing on a balcony, the body may roll over the railing. If it hits something on the way down, it'll react to that and have its speed and tumbling motion change. If a character is shot in a hallway, it may slump against a door; opening the door will cause the body to shift and slump with gravity. It's an amazing progression from the pre-created death animations that most games have had to employ."



Spooky like thermal imaging... :)

It sounds like this could be what ghost recon should have been. Time will tell.

By Spooky |

As long as there is no 'invisable wall' syndrome then it will be great =)

By Nightmare |

As long as theres a really BIG & Loud sniper gun Im happy :-)

By VooDoo |

I bet my gun barrel will still poke around doors I'm trying to hide behind!!!! God damn computer games!!!!

By Silkie |

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