You think thats air your breathing?

The Matrix was a groundbreaking film, it smashed box office records around the world and as such it would be hard for the makers not to cash in on an very well received film. The Matrix : Reloaded (Part two) and The Matrix : Revolutions (Part three) are being shot now and are both expected to be out next year within a couple of months of eachother, exciting eh?

"The Wachowski brothers are currently in residence at the Fox studios in Sydney, Australia, simultaneously shooting "Matrix Reloaded" (part two) and "Matrix Revolutions" (part three). The movies won't come out until 2003 (Reloaded in May, Revolutions in either August or November), but the hype has already begun. This month a trailer for "Reloaded" hits theaters, and not since the "Star Wars" movies has a film inspired so much breathless anticipation on the Internet."

Time will only tell ;-)


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