Super mecha ultra Rat fighter

Yeah it's been a while since we have used a title like that but with this story I could not resist. It turns out those m4d science blokes have been playing about with the mind of rats, they are wiring cables upto the brains of rats and making them move in different directions from a laptop. I am sure this will be a great contender for toy of the year once its out.

"The ?robots? in question are really rats with electrodes implanted into their brains to tell them what to do. An operator sitting at a laptop computer can control the movement of the rats via a transmitter that activates the electrodes. Up to a point, a ?roborat? will do whatever its operator instructs?even things that are instinctively repellent to it, such as hanging around in brightly-lit open spaces."

Check out the full report here. Now if only I can get a good bounce on a grenade-rocket jump I could get him upto the window ledge... "LAG!!!"


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