Everyone one's a critic

I thought I would hunt down a fun link for you lot today. Resisting the urge to go and steal Bluesnews's link of the day I found this little beauty. Movie-Mistakes.com - a site that lists mistake in movies =)

"When the stormtroopers break into the control room, watch very carefully and you will be able to see a storm trooper nearly render himself unconscious by smacking his head off a door frame."

"At one point, Han yells from inside the Millenium Falcon for some help to two storm troopers guarding the entrance to the ship. You can hear 5 laser blasts indicating that Han has shot and killed the stormtroopers. But why is it that when Luke and Han wear the uniforms that the Stormtroopers were wearing, there are no signs of blast marks anywhere on the entire uniform?"

Here is the ones from Star Wars films. Some of the ones are quite picky but you can vote against them if they are really poor.


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