"I dont need no god-damned partner cheif!"

I don't know how this one passed us by, let me run it down for you. Its a new game from UBIsoft, it was created by Tom Clancy, it involves stealth, guns and explosions. It's called Splinter Cell.

"The story centers around Sam Fisher, the game's lone hero, who is with the Third Echelon, a subagency of the National Security Agency (NSA) that's made up of elite field ops. Cells of these agents have been created, and are sent out to gather information as well as to protect U.S. sources and privileges. They may use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals, but none of the agents knows an entire plan, so if one is caught, the information he has can't bring down a whole operation. While Fisher is one among a group of these agents, he acts mostly alone -- in a Mission: Impossible style -- so that if he is captured or killed, the U.S. government can label him as a rogue or "splinter cell," thus the inspiration for the game's name."

As usual Gamespy shows us the way.


Heavy Engine Console
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