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Ok, so I'm sure some of you visited this site during the last week only to be presented a message informing you it was my fault and rather splendid picture of me raping Gibsons hard drives. Well the long and short of it is that I decided to upgrade Gibsons drive configuration to RAID. Basically, with the best intentions I went about installing 8 x 20Gb drives in two RAID 5 arrays. Regretably because we're all very poor they were only going to be IDE RAID. Then I saw the cost of IDE RAID cards capable of RAID 5 and almost pissed myself (?400, you could get a real adapter for that amount of money). So ?29.99 later we got out hands on a very cheap and at the time very cheerful ATA-100 RAID 0+1 thingy. So we had 1 Promise ATA-100 controller, 1 Highpoint ATA-66 controller and now some random ATA-100 RAID controller. I wanted RAID 5 so software was the only way to go.

Setting up the arrays was simple enough once I stopped wasting my time with that bloody useless Highpoint controller (The BP6 is a great motherboard but it's onboard controllers can kiss my ring piece :( ) and finally got some drivers for that ATA-100 RAID monstrosity that actually F00KING worked :( Anyway, once the arrays were up and the data started copying I thought we were home free. I was sorely mistaken... Midway through copying the drive that contains this very site one of the new drives decided that it would be more fun to just die. BASTARD!! Surprisingly enough we didn't have a spare replacement except the drive that currently held a load of other stuff.

2 Days worth of musical hard drives later and everything seems to be fine. We've already *ahem* 'tested' the arrays and they rebuild just fine ;) So hopefully this'll be last upgrade to el gibby-one for quite sometime. I may not have too many great ideas but when I do they all come along at once.


"2 Days worth of musical hard drives later..."

wait, wait.. were the drives hummin in orchestral arrangement, or were those the drives with every version of 'Cats' ever performed?

Anyway, now you seem to be unbusy again, how about turning gibbers into a 19" system and mounting it into an old SGI rack?

just a thought ;)

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