If you manage to weedwhack your way through Gamespy's coverage of E3 (Found here) then you might find their review of a little game called Morrowind.

"Daggerfall, released back in 1996, was one of the most ambitious games ever made. The second chapter of the Elder Scrolls saga, Daggerfall's open-ended gameplay, random dungeons, and multitude of major and minor quests made role-playing fans cheer with delight. However, its sub-par graphics, even for its day, combined with an inexcusable number of bugs ruined the experience for some gamers. Even today, six years later, the word Daggerfall causes debate in role-playing circles. You loved it, hated it, or wanted to love it but couldn't play without it crashing."

Well this looks to be a major set forward in the world of gaming, when has a game offered so much freedom and choice? I am off to play MAngband. =P

Check out the full Review.


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