It's not that funny.... but it made me laugh

Ok, so this isn't really news but it made me laugh and I thought it was probably worth a post. Picture the scene... it's lunchtime, you've just finished your rather pleasant Starbucks white chocolate mocha and Voodoo decides that he needs a new pair of trainers. So you make best speed to the nearest Nike factory outlet and whilst the Doo-ey one is picking up his footware (sic) you stumble across a rather fantastic bag... perfect for carrying the int13h 'network analysis' tool of choice, the 'badly done urban camo' laptop known to a select few as D3MON-S33D.

Deciding on a spur of the moment purchase you grab the aforementioned bag and slap it on the counter along with your credit card. The mindless sales drone rings the sales through, looks at you with that oh-so vacant stare that they all seem to be equipped with and hands you back your credit card. He then looks you straight in the eye and utters the funniest thing you'd have heard all lunchtime... would you like a bag for that.

Ok, so it's not that funny... but it made me laugh.


*GASP* - Spooky in buying trendy towny f00k bag shocker..

I can't say I am really all that suprised, I had seen this day coming for decades =)

By Nightmare |

...and yet again I feel the urge to permenantly disfigure Nightmare. You'd think he'd know by now.

Now where did I leave that chair leg wrapped in barbed wire?

By Spooky |

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