Time to get hard..

There has been a lot of posts about games and software over the past few days (not counting Spooky's baging and bag incident ofcourse), I though we would breakup some of the game news with a bit of good old hardware news.

"A perky 1.7GHz of Intel's most up-to-date mobile Pentium 4 power? Half a gigabyte of DDR memory? A combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive and hefty 40GB hard disk? Not only a full 15 (diagonal) inches of bright and beautiful active-matrix LCD, but a class-leading 1,600 by 1,200 resolution, driven by Nvidia's fastest mobile graphics accelerator -- the GeForce4 440 Go with its own 32MB of DDR? Both SmartMedia and Secure Digital card slots to nab your digital-camera images? Both USB and FireWire ports to connect cameras and camcorders? Stereo speakers with a subwoofer instead of the usual tinny laptop audio?"

Yeah yeah its only a laptop but its a 'funky' laptop as you will know when you read this review. What is also worth a quick note is the 'funky' LCD touchpad.. =)


Heavy Engine Console
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